Unlocking Your Fitness Potential at Any Age

As you age, it’s easy to believe that certain activities and exercises are off-limits simply based on your numerical age. For a small percentage of people, this may be the case due to physical conditions like an injury, herniated disc, or other limitations, but for everyone else, the problem is the mindset that their age alone is the limiting factor. At SWEAT in Dallas, TX, we encourage fitness excellence at every age. We have the trainers, environment, and team to motivate you to accomplish new goals and reach your ultimate fitness potential.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or proof that age is nothing but a number, look no further. Takishima Mikamaintain is a 92-year-old fitness trainer who has not only reached and maintained an advanced fitness level despite her age but also trains others to become their best. At the age of 65, she decided that she wanted to take control of her health and fitness, and after losing weight and getting in shape, she became a certified personal trainer at 87. 
Her commitment and dedication to physical activity have enabled her to accomplish what most people her age have not. Using Takishima Mikamaintain as your inspiration, ask yourself what’s keeping you from setting new goals, accomplishing different things, or setting a record.

Setting a New Goal

Your goal could be simple as improving your flexibility by beginning a yoga routine, or it may be more advanced, like training for a bodybuilding competition or running a marathon. Your age shouldn’t hold you back from setting and reaching new goals because reaching those goals begins with having the right mindset. Use Takishima Mikamaintain as your inspiration and motivation to defy societal norms around fitness and aging and, instead, work to become the best version of yourself.

Taking Steps To Reach Your Goals

Now that you’re inspired, the hard part isn’t setting a goal but taking action to begin working towards that goal. Not sure where to start? We have the perfect solution. We offer classes, personal training sessions, and a versatile fitness environment where you can reach your goals using state-of-the-art equipment while working out among like-minded individuals.

Work With a Personal Trainer 

Working with a personal trainer is a perfect way to accomplish your fitness goals. Once you communicate that goal to your trainer, you’ll receive a custom-tailored workout routine to help you strengthen your body to achieve that goal. If you’ve been scared of performing certain moves, a trainer can help you break through that mental barrier and learn the correct way to implement those moves into your training routine. 
A trainer also provides the built-in accountability you need to stay committed even on the days you’d rather not work out. For some, that layer of accountability can be the difference between achieving a fitness goal and simply letting it deflate.

Implement Stretching Into Your Daily Routine

As you age, certain movements don’t look as graceful as they used to, but there’s a simple way to change that. Implementing daily stretching into your routine can help you increase flexibility and keep stiffness and tightness at bay. Carving out a few minutes to stretch in the morning, evening, or before or after your workout will significantly improve your flexibility and help you reach new fitness goals without an increased risk of injury. 
Stretching could be as simple as following a routine on your phone or spending time on the foam roller. Other ways to stretch your muscles include working with a trainer to learn which stretches are right for you and how to perform them correctly or taking a group fitness class that focuses on stretching, like yoga or pilates.

Find a Fitness Community

At SWEAT, we have a versatile selection of cardio and strength training equipment available to help you reach your fitness goals. If you’re looking for more than just a place to work out, but for a fitness community where you can find motivation and inspiration, we can help. Whether you’re interested in solo workouts or in group classes, we have everything you need right here to accomplish your goals, big and small.

Learn More

You can make a change at any age, and Takishima Mikamaintain proves that age is literally just a number. Whether you want to finally lose that extra weight, work towards performing advanced yoga moves, or compete in a fitness competition, remember that the only thing holding you back is your mindset. Contact us today at SWEAT in Dallas, TX, to learn more about working with one of our trainers and our membership options and group exercise classes.