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Starting year: 1996

ABOUT: A Dallasite and avid golfer, Robb has over 20 years of experience in the Health & Fitness industry. He lives nearby in Midway Hollow and enjoys local restaurants with his friends and clients. His ideal getaway is a Golf & Beach Resort anywhere around the world.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: Baylor University – BS Degree in Exercise Physiology, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) -Golf Fitness Instructor & Power Coach, RTS – Advanced Resistance Training Specialist, PTPT – Advanced Biomechanics Specialist, Cooper Aerobics Center – Fitness Specialist, NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Free Motion & Resistance Equipment Analyst

TRAINING EXPERTISE: Robb has been recognized by D Magazine, KTVT channel 11, and the Dallas Morning News as one of The Top Personal Trainers in Dallas, TX. His specialties include Longevity Training, Athletics & Leisure Sport Improvement, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. He has exceeded expectations for professionals, students, and the mature population.