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Starting year: 2006

ABOUT: I am a native Texan and happily married to my Minnesotan wife since 2013. We are expecting our first child in November 2015. I am a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, Powerlifting, and Wrestling. When I am not training I enjoy reading Philosophy and Science.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: Resistance Training Specialist- Continuum Training, Ortho-Kinetics Professional Trainer, Muscle Activation Techniques- Jumpstart, The Cooper Institute- Biomechanics of Resistance Training, National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer

TRAINING EXPERTISE: I specialize in post-rehabilitation/pain-management clients along with weight loss, strength athletes, and overall fitness. In a training session I will evaluate the clients current physical state, the amount of motion at each joint, the bodies ability to generate force and stabilize specific positions. Furthermore, I will create a plan to improve weak areas while giving attention to what is already strong.