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Starting year: 2000

ABOUT: Mel enjoys spending time with his wife and boxers. He also foster boxers to help them find new homes. When not working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and renovating his home. Whether you are just getting started in your journey to a healthier lifestyle or want to take your fitness to the next level, Mel can motivate you by providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: ACE Certification; NFPT Certification; Cooper Clinic Certification

TRAINING EXPERTISE: Mel has over 15 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and is committed to maximizing the fitness potential of his clients and to helping them achieve their health goals. He enjoys working with all types of people and especially with those having specific health issues and injuries. By specializing in core training to get the body’s stabilizer muscles strong, Mel’s individualized workouts not only improve his clients’ athletic performance but also help with life’s everyday tasks. In addition, his workouts are dynamic, innovative, and fun!