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Starting year: 2000

ABOUT: Although I live in Dallas with my partner, I travel a lot for the BODYSHRED program. I love to travel! I find in my times off, I enjoy listening to music, reading up on current exercise/ nutrition philosophies, laying with my beautiful dog, and driving around in my convertible. However, the place I am most at home is at SWEAT being trained by the best!

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: I graduated from UNT with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Services specializing in Fitness Program Management while earning a minor in Psychology. I am certified in NASM personal training cert, ACE group fitness instructor, Biomechanics of resistance training, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Master Trainer, Small Group Personal Training and soon to be certified in Nutrition Coaching.

TRAINING EXPERTISE: I learned from the best in the industry, Jillian Michaels, regarding program building and the most efficient methods to Shred a body. This led to my expertise as well as my desire to work with people who want to get in, work hard, challenge themselves and learn about themselves along the way. I train people at a fast pace, multi-muscle, cardio driven with no real recovery. I also don’t allow the word “can’t” before trying an exercise.