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ABOUT: Keneé is an adventurous nature lover. She is game for anything that involves the outdoors and moving. When she is not outdoors, you can find her supporting any one of her three boys in their various sporting activities. In between she loves to unwind by cranking up the radio, belting out a song and dancing.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communications. Cooper CPT, Cooper Biomechanics and ACE CPT.

TRAINING EXPERTISE: Kenee’s background started with her passion for sports. She played and coached at the collegiate level. However, she is able to connect with athletes at any level. Along with her expertise in sports performance training, she can meet anyone with where their current fitness level is to help anyone meet their fitness goal. She has an uncanny ability to simultaneously train the body physically and strengthen the mind. Along with her one-on-one training, she is a leading boot camp instructor in the DFW area.