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Glenn Hicks, Jr.

Starting year: 2019

ABOUT: A family man, Glenn enjoys playing with his son Glenn III and spending time with his wife Ivy. Glenn enjoys all aspects of life including listening to music, watching sports, or simply laughing.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association-Certified Personal Training; National Academy of Sports Medicine-Licensed Nutritionist; National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Training; National Academy of Sports Medicine-Corrective Exercise Specialist; National Academy of Sports Nutrition-Licensed Nutritionist

TRAINING EXPERTISE: Growing up playing multiple sports, Glenn developed a love for fitness training when he served in the U.S. Navy. He spent half of his 9- year military career as a fitness coordinator and trainer. Now a military veteran, Glenn spends his time and energy developing and training individuals who want to improve their health and lifestyle, whether it’s being a better athlete or having a more active time with family and friends. And without a strong mind and body, those goals are difficult to achieve.larated.