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Starting year: 2006

ABOUT: Ben Clark is a California native pursuing his passion for health and fitness in Dallas, Texas. As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Ben has been obsessed with performance for over 20 years. (He was a 2008 Olympic Trials Track and Field finalist!) He believes that success is about constant growth and that in one’s career, family, or field performance, it is essential to be one’s best self. Ben believes that the three pillars that make up success are mindset, movement, and nutrition; and these pillars allow one to perform at one’s best. With “Elevate Your Play” as his motto, Ben has transformed lives through his motivational speaking, life coaching, and infectious positive energy.

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: BS in Kinesiology Texas A&M Kingsville; NASM Certified Personal Trainer; NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist; Precision Nutrition Certified; Kettlebells Certified; Animal Flow Certified

TRAINING EXPERTISE: Ben has coached people from all walks of life – from student athletes to CEO’s – with a common focus to help them maximize their well-being as well as achieve their performance and health goals. A certified health performance coach, Ben specializes in taking your life to the next level. He believes health and fitness are a lifestyle, not just a workout. No matter what your fitness goals are, Ben can help you excel. He specializes in performance in golf, tennis, boxing, speed work, etc.; fitness data analysis; online training; and individual and group training. Ben focuses on providing fun, varied, and interactive workouts that challenge both your mind and your body, leaving you feeling exhilarated.