Postpartum Fitness 101

After you have your baby, physical activity will be an important part of staying sane, promoting endorphin release, and losing any baby weight you have gained. At SWEAT in Dallas, TX, we have the equipment, the environment, and the trainers to help you begin your postpartum fitness journey. We can help you not just reclaim your pre-baby body but build one that’s tighter, stronger, and even better.

Workouts after having a baby shouldn’t be something you hope to do; they should be something you build into your daily routine. Regular activity during the postpartum period is key for many different reasons. Physical activity boosts endorphins, helps you burn calories so you can lose that baby weight, and strengthens and tones your muscles, which will help increase your confidence. 
With all of the hormonal changes that occur within the first three months after delivery, physical activity can help you stabilize your hormones and give yourself that much-needed hour of self-care so that you can be the best mother possible.

Start Slow

Even though you may be motivated to finally hit the gym without all the extra weight (and nonstop movement), start slow. Your body will still be getting back to normal, and your joints will still be looser at first, so to avoid injury, start slow. Give yourself permission to ease into working out. As your body heals, you’ll feel stronger and more energized every day.

Focus on Your Core

Don’t be discouraged if your core strength feels nonexistent after giving birth. Weak abdominal muscles are completely normal postpartum, but they don’t have to stay that way. With the right abdominal training routine, consistency, and dedication, there’s no reason why you can get your washboard abs back post-baby. Some of the best abdominal exercises to incorporate into your postpartum fitness routine include:

  • Pelvic tilts
  • Scissor kicks
  • Leg lifts
  • Planks
  • Side planks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Heel taps

Don’t Dramatically Cut CaloriesWeight loss and caloric intake go hand-in-hand, but you need to be careful during the postpartum months that you don’t severely restrict your caloric intake, especially if you are nursing. If you plan to breastfeed, you will need extra calories and should focus on eating nutrient-dense foods to promote a healthy milk supply. 
Without enough calories, you’ll feel depleted, and could put your milk supply at risk. If you choose not to nurse, you can begin cutting calories but don’t overdo it. Make sure you eat complex carbohydrates, plenty of leafy greens, and lean proteins. Avoid sugar to decrease inflammation and help your body continue healing after you have your baby.

Listen to Your Body

One of the most important things you can do during your postpartum fitness routine is to listen to your body. You’ve been doing it for the past nine to ten months, so this should be easy. If you have the energy to run, sprint, and lift heavy weights, feel free to move forward and proceed with caution. However, if something doesn’t feel right, take it as a sign to slow down and listen to your body. 

If you don’t have the energy to wake up early and work out before the baby gets up, give yourself the freedom to rest and find ways to build activity into your day during the mid-morning or afternoon hours. Take a walk with the stroller or do some plyometrics while the baby sleeps. Don’t force yourself to work at someone else’s pace; instead, take it slow and give your body what it needs to heal and ease back into regular workouts. Consistency is everything, so as long as you’re doing the daily work and eating a healthy diet, you’ll see progress.

Consider Group Classes

Attending group classes is one of the easiest ways to get back into a workout rhythm. You won’t have to walk around the gym or pre-plan your workouts. All you have to do is show up and work out in an environment where you’re motivated by others working towards similar goals. At SWEAT, we offer several different group classes suitable for women in the postpartum stage, including:

  • Core Pilates
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Vinyasa Yoga

Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body

Whether you have a postpartum fitness plan prepared or don’t know where to start, we can help. We have experienced trainers on site who can train you during one-on-one sessions to ensure that you get your heart rate up while also ensuring you don’t overdo it in the weeks following your delivery. Contact us today at SWEAT in Dallas, TX, to learn more about personal training, our facility, group classes, and memberships.