How To Stay Active and Maintain a Fitness Routine While Traveling

At SWEAT in Dallas, TX, we know that reaching fitness goals requires consistency and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. A normal daily routine is conducive to reaching goals, but what about those times when you have to travel? Since you can’t take us with you, we have some tips to help you build movement into your day and stay on track. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, for one day or 21 days, traveling doesn’t have to derail your workouts, and with a few simple pieces of equipment and the right mindset, you can work out no matter where the road takes you.

Utilize the Hotel Gym

If you’re staying at a facility or hotel that has a fitness center, use it. You might have to work around other guests, but chances are, there will be enough resistance machines, weights, or cardio equipment to help you break a sweat, burn some calories, and get the endorphins you need to start or end your day well.

If you’re lucky enough to stay somewhere with a fully-loaded gym full of high-end equipment, take advantage of that amenity. If the fitness center is less than ideal, you may have to modify your workouts, but temporary change is a good way to shock your body and use new muscles.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Stairwell

Something about climbing stairs makes you feel completely out of shape, regardless of your fitness level, but it’s also proof that walking or running stationary stairs is an incredible workout. If you’re used to the stepmill and are looking for a sweaty and effective cardio workout, use the stairs. Find an empty stairwell in your hotel or in a building nearby.

You can perform different types of workouts in a stairwell, whether you go up and down one flight or ten or more flights. Run the stairs for a set time, rest, and repeat. Running stairs is the perfect way to get in a HIIT workout, and it’s even better if you have several floors to climb. If you’re running the stairwell of a high-rise, you can run or walk to the top, walk the stairs or take the elevator back down to the ground floor, and do it all over again for 20 to 30 minutes.

Use a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker can help you perform better and work harder during your workouts. It can also show how much activity you are getting on vacation when you’re temporarily living outside your normal routine. Even though you may not have the time while you’re away to perform your standard workout, a fitness tracking device or a watch can help ensure you stay active and give your body the daily movement it needs to maintain or advance your fitness level.

Sometimes just staying active while traveling can work wonders for your mindset and mood. It also gives you a chance to rest from heavy weights or high-intensity workouts. Then, once you return home, you’ll feel rested and recovered and can hit the gym and push harder than ever. If you choose this route, aim for at least 10,000 steps a day and use a device that can track that number so you can feel confident that you’re getting in enough activity every day that you’re away.

Invest in Some Easy-To-Pack Work Out Equipment

There are some simple, inexpensive pieces of equipment that you can invest in that are easy to pack and will help you get in a workout outside or indoors while you’re traveling. Resistance bands can help take bodyweight workouts to the next level. You can also buy rubber cables with different tension levels onto which you can easily clip handles or ankle straps and attach them to any door to help you simulate several different resistance machines.

The bands and cables can work your arms, legs, and entire body. They’re inexpensive, easy to pack, and can help you get in some great workouts when you’re out of town.


Running is an excellent full-body, calorie-burning, cardiovascular workout that will increase your endurance. Consider making running a part of your workouts when you’re traveling. If you’re staying on the beach and are already an active runner, beach running will challenge your body in new ways. If you’re not a runner, alternate between running and walking outdoors for a more moderate interval training workout.

Stay Fit No Matter Where the Road Takes You

You don’t have to let traveling, whether for work or leisure, derail your fitness goals. All it takes is a commitment to build activity into your daily routine and an investment in a few inexpensive pieces of equipment to maintain and even increase your fitness level and feel your best no matter how long you’re away. And when you come back, we’ll be here ready and waiting to help meet all of your workout needs. Contact us today at SWEAT in Dallas, TX, for more information about memberships, class schedules, and personal training.